About us

www.linguaglobe.com is the 1st on-line portal in the Greek FLT market. It’s vision is to become the “Meeting Point” of the FLT community, a daily habit where, just a click away, all professionals can satisfy their informational needs.

It covers all areas of interest, latest news, information, ideas, and opinions in an innovative, creative and user-friendly way.

It is designed to give to the user a pleasant and unique experience, while its content covers all areas of interest. The visitor can browse through news, professional articles, video interviews, well known columnists, coverage of all major events, on-line announcements, and an on-line library.

The portal will establish a real 1-1 interactive communication with all FLT professionals through newsletters and the use of social networks.

The portal contains a big number of key features:

  • On-line Library: A platform where all publications will be presented. Through the book library the teachers will have access to all books in the market. It will be a “real value tool” where the teacher through an on-line “bookshop shelve” can browse all the latest publications, understand the differences and adopt the ones that best meet their student’s needs. Just a click away!!

  • Columnists: Well known columnists share their perspective on different aspects of language teaching.

  • Video Corner: Present interviews with professionals, professional seminars, and event happenings in the most vivid way.

  • On-line announcements: The FLT community has their platform to post their announcements.

  • Who’s Who: Presentation of all companies in the FLT market.

  • Newsletters

For the editors, www.linguaglobe.com, will be a unique communication platform. It will be the media vehicle to use to successfully implement their digital marketing strategy.

  • Cost effective using all new media technologies and techniques.

  • Interactive with interactive banners, video presentations, newsletters, and emails.

  • Innovative using digital technology for creative and interactive communication

  • High penetration and reach of your communication to target audiences.

  • Measurable providing monthly reports on number of visits and banner impressions.



10 Marni str, 10433 Athens, Greece

Tel.+ 30 210 82.56.990