Question: Are there any activities we could use for those days we need to go online, because there are many learners who are sick and are staying at home?

Answer: There are many activities. The one we are discussing today, combines collaboration and developing the social skill of giving/receiving, as well as the language one can use. This activity could also be used in-person.  

TITLE: "Pass the Gift"


BEFORE CLASS: No preparation required of the teacher.


  1. Tell the learners to get up and to go look foran object they like a lot.  For example:  See my blue crysta (See photo).

  1. Ask the learners to turn on their cameras and to go Gallery view on screen, so you can all see each other.
  2.  Do a quick check, asking the learners to say who is on their right and          on their left, as they are looking at the screen.
  3. You do the same. Then, turn to the learner on your right, show the   object you have chosen and offer it to him/her with a wish.
  4. For Example: “This is a gift from me to you. I give you my blue crystal.        Hold it tight.   Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your   heart fill with peace and happiness.”
  5. The person 'receiving the gift' responds, saying,  “Thank you, I will   cherish it." or "Thank you, how nice of you/generous of you", etc.
  6. Then, s/he turns to the person on his/her right, offers his/her gift, using       their own words.

N.B.: Learners of lower Levels will use a much simpler language, e.g., Learner A: "I'm giving you this shell. I like it a lot." Learner B: "Thank you. It's beautiful."

RATIONALE: Learners, of all ages, need to develop the social skills of giving and receiving and of appreciating the small things in life that make us happy: a beautiful object, a nice gesture, a warm smile. At the same time, they need to learn the appropriate language to be used when they exchange gifts, or when they compliment each other.


A Happy Spring,

Suzanne and Lilika